Daddy’s gone

Eric left for the field today.  I’m sure Lorelai will miss him, she just thinks he’s the greatest thing since the pacifier.  She yells “DAD!” whenever he walks into the room and cries when he leaves.  She doesn’t even do that with ME!  Here were are this morning before he left.


Scary moment

Lorelai got into the cupboard in the living room today.  Nothing new, she gets in there a lot.  But Eric went over and opened the door a little bit and her finger was in the hinge.  If he had thrown the door open she would’ve got her little finger chopped off.  I think it scared all three of us.  She’s okay, though.  She cried for a few minutes and she might have a bruise tomorrow, but she’ll live.

 On a lighter note, we bought a video camera yesterday!  It’s so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.  MSRP is $1300 but we got it for $300 at the PX.  Great deal!  Eric will take it to the field, but when he gets back we’ll be able to take lots of Lola video and maybe set it up as a webcam so Grandma and Nani can see their little grandbaby.

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