Our trip to the zoo

We went to the Nurnberg Tiergarten this Sunday and had a blast!  I was worried Lorelai wouldn’t really “get it,” but she had so much fun looking at all the animals.  It was also Eric’s first trip to the zoo (crazy, huh?!), so he was excited as well. 

Here’s Lorelai travelling in style:

She loves her new kitty!



Watching the elephants



I was playing with Lorelai tonight and I said “come to mama!” and she turned towards me and said “NO!” and then turned around and walked away.  I thought, ‘no, it must be a fluke!’  So I said “Lola, come see mama!” and she turned towards me and yelled “NO!” and then turned around again.  Even Eric came out from the kitchen and said “did she just say ‘no’?!”  I can’t believe it! 


Check out this link.  It’s Lorelai saying “milk” in sign language!


 I hope it works!