Happy Father’s Day

Today is father’s day, and my Eric is currently in the kitchen, scrubbing out cabinets.  This is after he finished scouring the bathroom all morning.  He was literally wrapped around the toilet for an hour with a wire brush trying to get the calcium build-up off.  We have a pre-inspection tomorrow, and he won’t just relax.  Nothing HAS to be done, but he wants as much cleaned and ready to go as possible.  I’ve been feeling so crappy these last 6 weeks, and he’s done such an amazing job taking care of me, Lorelai, the house and his own responsibilities, which have tripled what with us clearing and moving soon.  He never complains about working his butt off or having to pick up the slack where I’ve fallen short.  He doesn’t expect a “thank you” and I swear, gets insulted when someone gives hime one.  “It’s just what has to be done,” he’ll say.  He works all day and then comes home and works more, but he still has infinite patience with Lorelai.  I don’t know what I did to get such a great husband and such a wonderful dad for Lorelai and our little bean, but I do know that I am thankful for every day that I have with him.


Some recent pics

Eric went to Rock Im Park in Nurnberg the weekend before last and picked up a t-shirt for Lorelai.  She’s our little rocker baby.

It says “Mommy’s Little Metal Head” and has a picture of a skull.  In the skull’s “brain” it has four sections- eat, pee, sleep and poop- and one big section- BANG.

While preparing for the move and going through all of our stuff, we came across my pink cowgirl hat that my dad bought me at the rodeo.  Normally, Lorelai HATES wearing hats, but she actually put this one on herself and walked around with it on for a while.