It’s been a while!

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while, things have been hectic with the move.  Lorelai is doing really great, although we had a rough patch for a while when we first got to Alabama.  Lorelai was very clingy and a little whiney, so we figured she might be sick.  Sure enough, when we took her to the doctor they told us she has a double ear infection AND an upper respiratory infection.  We felt so awful!  Especially me, since I did not breastfeed for 11 months so she could still get ear infections.  But whatever.  She was on round-the-clock drugs, but you never would’ve guessed she was sick.  She’s just such a good baby.

Eric has left for school and it’s just Lola and me, and we’ve been watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD.  Lorelai is (obviously!) a HUGE fan!  Every time the theme song comes on (“Where You Lead” by Carole King) she comes running in from wherever she’s been and dances and squeals.  It is beyond cute.  Here’s a video link:¤t=14878366.flv

She’s been doing okay with Eric gone.  She’s finally saying “momma” all the time now.  It only took Eric being gone for her to do it!  She still not talking a lot, but she is babbeling and trying, so I’m not worried.  Sometimes I swear she’s speaking German and I wonder if maybe it’s taking her so long because she’s trying to learn a new language.

 We’ve also started using cloth diapers!  I am very excited about this, but Lorelai isn’t so thrilled.  She thinks I take too long changing her.  With disposables, you just throw them on, but with cloth you have to fold it, pin it, put the cover on… so I ordered some all-in-one cloth diapers that are just like disposables only you throw them in the washer instead of the garbage.  I’ve spent less than $100 and she’s set until she’s potty trained, unlike with disposables, where I’d buy a bag for $17 or so every two weeks.  I’ll have to buy some more for the new baby, since infants go a lot more and I’ll need smaller sizes.