All ready for Halloween!

Nani bought Lorelai a pretty little witch costume for Halloween.  Lorelai LOVES it, she prances around and fluffs up the skirt and she actually WEARS the hat, which is saying something.  The hat is a little big, but she just tilts her head back to see better.
witchy woman


New toys

I went to Walmart today and got Lorelai the Bounce and Spin Zebra.  She LOOOOOVES it!  She’s been riding it all afternoon.

zebra 2
zebra 3

I also got her Crayola Tadoodles. I don’t really like them. The design doesn’t really make sense. When she picks them up, the inky part is in the palm of her hand. So I have to hand them to her correctly or else they don’t draw.
Finally she just gave up and tried to eat them. Luckily they’re non-toxic!
kiss kiss


I could have sworn I posted these.  Nani, grandma, Lola and I all went to Florida for a mini vacation. 

At the beach

At the water park at out hotel

eating a lemon at an Italian restaurant

and her favorite thing to do, tear stuff up!
blue eyes


Lorelai HATES to have things in her hair.  I have so many cute barretts and hairties for her, but she immediately rips them out.  I get so jealous when we’re out and I see little girls with pigtails, so I gave it another try and she left them in!  I got some pictures because she was just TOO CUTE!  They were in for about an hour before she discovered them.

Please excuse the little chunk of cheddar bunny on her eyelid. She’s a messy eater!
pigtails 2
pigtails 3

Lorelai loves her brother

Lorelai loves giving Griffin kisses.  I will say “Lorelai, where’s your brother?” and she’ll come and lift up my shirt and kiss my stomach.  We also are trying to get her to say “Griffin,” but she says “Bubba!”  I think she’s trying to say “baby brother.”

belly kiss

Lola’s bike

Eric bought Lorelai a little push bike. She was hesitant at first and wouldn’t even come near it, but within a few minutes she was riding it around! Her favorite thing to do is sit on the bike backwards. She’s such a daredevil!
bike 1
bike 2
bike 3