Nordic baby

Lorelai modelling her new outfit.  She’s just too cute not to post this picture!!

nordic baby


National Peanut Festival!

We went to the National Peanut Festival this Saturday.  It started with a parade down the center of Dothan, and then we drove over to the fair grounds.  They let us park in the handicapped parking because I’m so huge!  I felt stupid, but I was very grateful because I could barely walk after the bumpy ride to get out there. 

Lorelai loved all the people, noises and colors.  We did a petting zoo, a couple rides, ate corndogs (okay, mom and I ate corndogs, Lorelai had organic cheddar crackers with daddy) and daddy even won Lorelai a toy at a game booth. 

At the parade. I love the look on her face!

Petting zoo

zoo two

I looooove this picture!

Giving mommy a heart attack on the rides… Eric and Lorelai are in the last compartment
ride two

Another ride
ride three
ride four

Potty training

Potty training is going pretty well!  She goes almost every morning right after she wakes up and sometimes after naps, too.  She’s starting to signal when she needs to go by patting her diaper and her new favorite word is “poop.”   We had a rough week where she would only go for daddy and would throw tantrums when I’d take her in, but she seems to be over it now.  I bought her some big girl underwear and I plan to start using them some time this week.


Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun on Halloween!  I was a little worried that she would be too little to really enjoy herself, but I should’ve known better.  She is just a social butterfly and the happiest kid in the world, how could it not be fun?!  Grandma came over and we went Trick or Treating for about 30 minutes.  We only went to a couple houses since she doesn’t eat candy, but I wanted her to have the experience (plus we’d been working hard on teaching her how to say “trick or treat!”- she says “tee-o-teeeee!”).  After we got back, Eric and Lorelai took their chairs on the front porch to pass out candy.  This was Lorelai’s favorite part of the evening!  She loved seeing all the “babies” (kids) and putting candy in their bags.

 Here she is with her monkey backpack

Her first piece of candy!

Passing out candy
passing out candy