I never posted pictures of Christmas!  I’m sorry!  But hey, we were a little busy!

Lorelai with Nani
Opening presents
(I’ve never seen anyone so excited over socks!)
Her new rocking chair
Her new table


Word explosion

Lorelai has been picking up a few words a day, it seems.  She’s so smart!  The other day she was watching cartoons and Go Diego Go came on.  She started yelling “DIEGO! DIEGO!” and then singing along with the song- “go go go Diego go!”  She’s also started saying “bless you” and “welcome” (for “you’re welcome;” she already knows “please” and “thank you”).  Also,  the past couple of days she’s been calling me “honey” instead of “momma” because that’s what Eric calls me.  It’s so cute!  The other day Eric asked her where I was and I could hear her saying “HONEY!  Where you?!”

She’s been very good helping me with Griffin.  If he’s in his swing she’ll go get his blanket to cover him and today he started crying and she climbed up next to him on the couch and was trying to put his pacifier in his mouth.  She’s always trying to hug and kiss him.

 We have had an interesting time with nursing.  She will come sit next to me while I’m nursing Griffin and point to my boob and say “booby!”  We can thank Eric for that one.  She will also lean down and kiss my boob and say “MMM!  Tasty!”  So she knows what’s going on, she just doesn’t remember quite how to do it.  I feel bad because if I had my way, she’s probably still be nursing. 

Here’s a recent picture of her trying to tackle a Subway sandwich: