Dance, Lola, Dance!

Grandma came over the other day and we hooked her iPod up to the new theater system.  She has a whole file on there for Lorelai, including Baby Beluga (sung by Eddie Vedder no less!).  Since she “adopted” a beluga whale for Lorelai for Christmas, Lorelai gets her “booga” out every time Grandma comes over.  She loved the song.

beluga dance

and here’s a video of her dancing to the Chicken Dance- hope it works!


We got our elliptical machine Wednesday and the box was perfect fort size, so we emptied it out and Lola had a blast playing in it.



That’s right, folks, you heard it here first!  Lorelai went poop on the potty! 

When she was about 18 months old we started potty training and she did really well.  Unfortunately, momma got lazy (and big!  I was heading into the 3rd trimester) and potty training got put on the back burner.  I decided to start up again today and so far she’s had 3 pees and poo on the potty!  On her first day back!  I am so proud!!

Our adventure walk

We took the kids for a walk to the shoppette today.  It’s about two miles there and back and it seems like it’s uphill the whole way.  Eric found a butterfly and made it into a learning experience. 

butterfly 2
butterfly 3

And here’s Lola snuggling her little brother

Well, it finally happened.

I put Lorelai down for a nap and then sat down on the couch for a nice read with Griffin. A little while later I heard what sounded like a door shutting lightly, but that happens a lot when the heater comes on because of the changing air pressures or whatever… but after a minute I realized that the heater hadn’t come on. So I got up to investigate and met Lorelai in the hallway.  She had gotten out of her crib and was coming out to play. Sooooo… DH is turning her crib into the toddler bed and putting a new, lock-less knob on her door tonight. We’re both terrified. I can’t believe my little baby girl is going to be in a toddler bed. Where has the time gone??? And why do I feel like crying over this?!

Here’s my big girl in her big girl bed

Valentine’s Day

I made some “cupcakes” for Valentine’s Day.  They were actually banana nut flax muffins with cream cheese frosting.  Lorelai doesn’t usually get sweets, but it was Valentine’s Day after all!

The “cupcake”:

She loved them!

New Haircut

Lorelai’s bangs were getting really long, so I decided to cut them.  I’ll be honest- I don’t like them.  I can’t wait for them to grow back.


and her cheesy smile she gives when you tell her to “smile” for the camera


Lorelai got a new toybox.  I put all of her toys in it and she immediately pulled them all back out so she could do this:


My Beauty

I am convinced that I have given birth to the most beautiful child alive.  Sometimes I look at her and I want to cry.


Nani sent us some temporary Valentine’s tattoos and Lorelai loves them. She calls them “toos.”

I’ve started planning her birthday party- it’s the big 2! Right now I’m going with a carnival theme, but I’ve been through three themes already, so it could change at any time. I need to start buying stuff now because I’m going all-out this year since she didn’t really get a party last year and Nani and Auntie Jeanne are coming. YAY!

Lorelai is learning her animal sounds right now. She knows cow (“mooooo!”), monkey (“oo! oo! oo!”), cat (“nee-ooow!”), dog (“oof!”), rooster (“dood-doo” as in “cock-a-doodle-doo”) and duck (“quack” – sounds like Donald Duck). She also says “yesh, boooooy!” when you ask what Flavor Flav says. For those who don’t know, the rapper Flavor Flav says “yeeeahh, booooy!” Lorelai says “yes” instead of “yeah,” though and she has a little lisp so her “s” sounds like “sh.” It’s too cute.

Here’s Lorelai showing off daddy’s ear protection.