Lorelai started a toddler gymnastics class in April.  She LOVES it!  They start by playing with a big parachute, the parents help by waving the chute up and down and the kids can run underneath it and all around while listening to fun kiddo music.  Then they move into the gymnastics area where there’s tunnels to crawl through, ramps to roll down, balance beams to walk across and Lorelai’s favorite, the trampoline!  The bad mother that I am, I didn’t bring my camera to the first class, but I did get these:

I have pictures from her last class on my camera, I just have to upload them.


Hanging out

Daddy’s little girl

We took a drive up to Montgomery and decided to go to the Air Force base there.  They had little ponds on the West side of the base and we all got out to enjoy the nice weather.  I caught these two pictures while nursing Griffin.

I’m a model, you know what I mean?

Her first ponytail

Lorelai’s hair is finally long enough to get into a ponytail.  She looked so adorable, but didn’t want to stand still for a picture.  These were all I got.

Look at those eyes

This kid is just gorgeous.


Here are some of the outside decorations.  The red and white streamers are supposed to be like a circus tent.  There were balloons everywhere and little sparkly stars hanging from the roof.  We had the toys set up to the left- a jumpy thing, the picnic table, the fish pond and a few ride-on toys.

The jumpy thing

Some of the inside decorations

There was so much stuff that just didn’t get put out.  I’m thinking about selling it all on eBay and making some money back!

Here’s the AWESOME cake.  No, I didn’t make it.  Lorelai didn’t even end up eating any, the little weirdo.  It was really good, though.  It was vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and the flat sheet had a ribbon of strawberry jam through it.


On April 17th, my little baby turned two years old.  Nani and Aunti Jeanne flew in from California and we had a nice day, just hanging out and visiting.  Lorelai got to open her presents from us, which included some DVDs, some clothes and a play kitchen, which she LOVES.

Here she is on her birthday

That Saturday we celebrated with a big circus party!  I hand-made the invitations and they didn’t turn out exactly as I envisioned (okay, they were a little cheesy), but they were about $.05 a piece to make, so whatever.

More to come…


We had an Easter Egg Hunt for our street on Saturday and then a private hunt for just her on Sunday.  She had a blast.  She also got a basket full of goodies from the bunny.

Playing catch-up

Sorry I haven’t updated the blogs in a while.  We’ve been pretty busy here!  I’ll start with everything that happened in March.

Here’s the little beauty in her pink ‘do rag

We went to a children’s festival here on base and she had a lot of fun.  She even got to meet McGruff, Smokie and the Easter Bunny!