Last night was Oktoberfest. I was so excited all week! Fun for the kids, beer for Daddy and junk food for me! So we get there and meet up with our neighbors and decided to get some funnel cake. We wait in line for about 10 minutes before they tell us that they want us to stand in another line that’s even longer than the first. After 45 minutes (no joke) of waiting we finally got our funnel cake, but it wasn’t worth it. We wasted all the time, the kids were ready to go home and I got a tummy ache. But once you’ve been standing in line for so long it’s almost a waste just to walk away, you know? Oh well. Lorelai had fun with her friend Emma.

Giving Emma a hug. That’s my friend Maria holding the monkey tail.
They are both very lovey, always giving hugs and kisses and holding hands. Very sweet.
More hand holding.


Family Day

Yesterday (September 26th) was Family Day.  At around 10am we drove over to the flightline and got a tour of where Eric works.  Then we went down to where the aircraft were and got to play around on a couple.  The kids were pretty good and really enjoyed it.  Then we went back for sandwiches and sodas while the guys got their brief (or whatever it’s called) and went home.  There was a sling load demonstration at 1pm but I had to take the kids home for their naps.  Sling loads are where they tie up stuff under the aircraft to lift and fly away.  They can sling load crates, pallets, humvees and even other aircraft.  In fact, at Family Day they showed a little video of the Chinook carrying all the other army helicopters underneath it, as well as some Air Force jets.  Very cool.  Here’s some pictures:

From afar
my family
the rear end
waiting patiently for our turn in the cockpit
Me and my baby girl
Lorelai and her friend Aiden
Finally up in the cockpit
Daddy showing us what he does. You wouldn’t believe all the buttons and knobs and displays.

Grocery Shopping


Things Lola says

Sometimes Lorelai just cracks me up.

Today in the car waiting for Eric to come out of the store, I took a deep breath and let it out in a long, bored sigh. Lorelai answered with a “oh my GAAAWWD!”

Once we got home and I was walking past the front of the car (which was COVERED in love bugs) I said “wow, the hood looks like shit!” Lorelai said “Oh shit, oh shit, oh SHIT!” Oops!

The other day we were watching Bear Grylls trying to survive in the wilderness on Man Vs. Wild. Bear killed a snake, skinned it and peed in the snake-canteen he made. Today Lorelai remembered it and said “Mommy, the man? He peed in the snake.” LOL!

During dinner tonight Lorelai wanted to talk about her new favorite movie, Shrek. She likes to run through all the characters (“uhh… Princess Fon-ah, uh… Shrek, uh… Donkeeeee, uh… Dwagon!! RAWR!!!”). I asked her if Dragon was a boy or a girl and she said “a girl. She loves Donkey.” Awww! Then she kept saying what sounded like “Donkey sayin’ Dragon” or “Donkey slay dragon” but everytime I would ask her she would shake her head no and repeat herself. Finally she started getting really exasperated and was saying it really slow: “dooooonkeeeeessssaaaaaaaydwaaaaagooooon!” I still wasn’t getting it. She sat back in her chair and looked up the ceiling and said “okay, hmmm… ummm… fishes in ocean. Donkey’s in dwagon!.” Holy crap. Did my kid just use an analogy?! I said “ooooh! Donkey’s IN the dragon?” and her face lit up “YES!! Donkey’s in the dwagon!!”

And my personal favorite, “Mommy, I love you so much! You’re smart, too!”

Future Photog

The other day I woke up to a huge “palmetto bug” (HA! It was a 3 inch flying cockroach) in the living room, so I holed up in Lorelai’s room with the kids until Eric could get home to kill it. I brought the camera in with me and Lorelai asked if she could take pictures, so I let her. She actually did pretty good! Here are some of her shots.


Lorelai had a playdate with her friend Emma today. I am so stupid, I didn’t take any pictures (as you sigh and click the back button, LOL). Her daddy, Seth, called to say they’d be right over so I went and opened the front door. They’re the only people who use the front door, so as soon as I opened it Lorelai went running and calling for “Emma’s daddy.” They played Ring Around the Rosie and I brought out the bouncy zebra thing and the rocking caterpillar and they had a blast. Then our other neighbor Charlie and his daughter Andrea showed up and the girls were able to play an even bigger game of Ring Around the Rosie. Then Emma’s mommy Maria showed up and she sang the song in German for us. By the time Eric got home we had a full house! It was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again soon. Lorelai really needs to learn to interact with other kids. She’s super outgoing and wants to include everyone to the point that she’s dragging them back and forth and making them play. Andrea is very shy but Lorelai doesn’t understand. Don’t worry, I WILL get pictures next time! SORRY!!


Oh my goodness. My heart is going to explode from happiness.

I never had siblings growing up, so I never really had that interaction that my kids do. Yesterday, I was torn between being angry and LMAO because these kids were insane. It was a constant “GRIFFIN! Stop pulling your sisters hair!” “Lorelai, DON’T push your brother!” but at the same time I could see that they were just roughhousing and having a great time. I was listening to myself, sounding so much like… well, a mother. Watching them interact was just so much fun.

They run around playing tag (well, Lorelai runs around, Griffin crawls at top speed). Lorelai yells “Griffin, come and get me!” and Griffin responds with a squeal and a little jump before he charges. They roll all over each other and I’ll often find one of them being pinned down by the other one screaming (they’re almost the same size).

Just now Lorelai was eating breakfast in her high chair. She turned to me and said “Momma, all done! Play with brother now!” It was so sweet, my heart just ached. Now she’s in the living room counting to 10 while Griffin “hides” (crawls behind the couch). I just love these kids more and more every day, more than I ever thought I could because I not only love them individually, but I LOVE them as siblings.

Twinkle, Twinkle!

Lorelai can now sing “Twinkle, Twinkle!” If Griffin falls and starts crying, she is always right there to put her arm around him and comfort him by singing. It’s so sweet! We finally got it on camera.

Little movie

I’ve been so tired lately that all I want to do is lay around and sleep. The kids love using me as a jungle gym, though!