Last night was Oktoberfest. I was so excited all week! Fun for the kids, beer for Daddy and junk food for me! So we get there and meet up with our neighbors and decided to get some funnel cake. We wait in line for about 10 minutes before they tell us that they want us to stand in another line that’s even longer than the first. After 45 minutes (no joke) of waiting we finally got our funnel cake, but it wasn’t worth it. We wasted all the time, the kids were ready to go home and I got a tummy ache. But once you’ve been standing in line for so long it’s almost a waste just to walk away, you know? Oh well. Lorelai had fun with her friend Emma.

Giving Emma a hug. That’s my friend Maria holding the monkey tail.
They are both very lovey, always giving hugs and kisses and holding hands. Very sweet.
More hand holding.


1 Comment

  1. christinaevans17 said,

    October 3, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    They are so cute holding hands!! What little buddies!
    Ps.. she’ll look back one day and be like.. “and this was my first oktoberfest.. it all went downhill from there…”
    JUST kidding! LOL!

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