The darker side of Lorelai

Lorelai had an accident during her nap today. I got her up, cleaned her off, changed her clothes and bedsheets and told her she had to go back in because she had only been down for about 20 minutes. Well, she didn’t like that. I calmly laid her down and walked out, shutting the door behind me. Within minutes she was pounding on the door screaming and, of course, woke up Griffin. I went in to see if I could get him back down (since he had only been sleeping about 30 minutes) and while I was in there nursing him I heard what sounded like Lorelai knocking the wall down. I run in and find this:
She completely ripped up the futon and everything was in a giant pile in the center of the room
Pictures were askew and some completely knocked off
She had unplugged her new nightlights and taken them apart
Her bed was about to fall apart
and she had managed to pee. Twice.
Let me remind you that all this occured in the span of about 5 minutes.


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