Some Christmas pics

Christmas was so nice! Both the kids were such good babies and they just made the day so special with all their giggles. We kept it simple and just enjoyed each other’s company (and all the new toys, of course!).

Here’s the kids waiting to open presents! They got us up at 6:30am and the living room wasn’t quite ready.

The first toy Lola saw, a new stroller for her babies.

In her new hat and mittens that Nani made for her. SO CUTE.
hat and mittens

Opening a present. It was Shrek the Halls the movie and a plush Shrek. That’s all she wanted for Christmas!

Here’s a video of Lola playing with Griffin’s dump truck and Griffin squealing with delight
Baby Giggles

And finally, a video of Lorelai saying Happy Christmas


Christmas Eve video

Christmas Eve we made a ham and had a nice sit-down dinner. Lorelai decided that she didn’t like ham all of a sudden, so she only ate one forkful of mashed potatoes, a few peas and a croissant. Then Eric remembered how much she loved the canned cranberry jelly at Thanksgiving, so he brought that out and she ate about half of it! So gross, but she loved it. She wouldn’t even chew it, she’d just swallow and make these hilarious faces. Enjoy.


Our twins


Oy vey.

This is what happens when Daddy gets you dressed.

You’d think after almost three years of being a dad he’d know how to put on a onesie.


Lorelai is really liking the Play-doh lately.
last one

And a video. I’m so sorry it keeps going in and out of focus. I can’t stand it!! I’m not sure how to fix it. I need to start using our digital camcorder instead of the camera for video.

Playing with Play-doh

New ornaments

We got both the kids new ornaments for the tree. We wanted them to sort of represent the kids in a fun way. Lorelai is obsessed with Shrek and the only cartoon Griffin likes is Blue’s Clues, so that’s what we wanted from the start. Unfortunately, those just happen to be very rare ornaments. After looking everywhere, I finally went online and found them. Apparently only one Shrek ornament was ever made. I was able to get both, though! I was so happy! Here are pics of Lola getting her Shrek ornament.

Close your eyes!
close your eyes

QUIT PEEKING! Okay, COVER your eyes!
cover them!


Some videos

Here are some really cute videos of Lorelai (and Griffin) that I’ve taken in the past couple of days.
Where’s Lola?
Hide and Go Seek with Daddy

Okay, here’s the story behind this one. Lorelai was laying all her books end to end in the living room and then hopping across them. When I asked her what she was doing, she said the funniest thing and I had to get it on film.
What’s it called?
In case you didn’t catch it, it’s called her “Hopscotch Maker 3000.”

Dancing Video

Eatin’ ‘dillas

Every time I take a picture of Griffin, Lorelai says “ME ME! Mommy, take my picture!” So this is in response to the two pictures of Griffin I posted on his site.

Twelve Days

Here’s more of the kids’ Twelve Days (more can be found at Griffin’s site).
(that one is blackmail material! I can’t wait for prom!!)

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