My sweet little baby turned 3 years old on the 17th of April this year. We had decided to do small family gatherings for the odd birthdays and big bashes for the evens. Her first birthday was just the three of us in Garmisch Germany. Her second was the carnival/circus party at Rucker and this was just going to be a small family day here in Alaska. All she wanted was “a little table and two chairs” and “an orangish birthday cake.” We decorated the house with orange streamers (her favorite color) and when she woke up that morning she was very happy but as the day wore on she got a little melancholy. I asked if she was having a good birthday and she said “yes mommy… but where are my presents?” It was so heartbreaking! I told her we had to wait until Daddy got home. Once Daddy did get home we gave her the table and chairs and she was instantly happy again!
Here she is sitting at her new table blowing out her candles
she's three
After cake we decided we needed to do something just a little special, so we took her out to dinner. Ever since we moved here, every time we drive past the Chili’s she asks to eat there. We don’t even know how she knew it was a restaurant! So that’s where we took her. She was pretty happy.
with daddy
making faces at Griffin


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