Midnight Sun

June 21st was the longest day of the year. They had a festival downtown and we took the kids. Good time had by all (I got sweet roasted almonds, yum!). Lorelai did the bounce house. I asked Eric to go up and take pictures because she was being so cute in there. These are the three he took. Honestly… I don’t know what he learned in his photography class senior year.

lola bouncing
more bouncing
even more bouncing

We didn’t make the kids stay up, but here is me and Eric out on our front porch at midnight. See how bright it is? It really is the land of the midnight sun.
midnight sun


Misquito Meander

I forgot to post these a while back. We did a 5K run back in June and had a blast. Lorelai ran almost the whole thing, I was so proud of her.

Near the end she found a friend. They held hands and ran together.

YAY! We finished!

And me, looking all red-faced but proud.

More soccer

Here she is showing off her new (hideous) shoes. Daddy picked them out. They look like bowling shoes.

Not participating.

More NOT participating.

Oh look. MORE not participating.

Lorelai started soccer!

We enrolled Lorelai in Start Smart Soccer. It’s for 3-5 year olds and it teaches them the fundementals of the sport, like dribbling, kicking, passing, etc. Kind of wish I had just saved my $45. Lorelai doesn’t participate, refuses to wear the tiny little shin guards we got her and keeping Griffin in line that whole time is a pain. Oh well.

Her favorite part is running.
more running
even more running

Here she is sulking because she missed the ball

One of the coaches finally got her to participate by boucing a ball on her head.

And her first team huddle!

The little girl she has her arm around is the only other kid who also doesn’t participate. They do cartwheels and play in the dirt together. He name, interestingly enough, is Cassie.