Snow day

Yes, it’s already snowing. But Lorelai was so excited about it that we had to take the kids out to play. Lorelai is just like Eric- an adventurer with no fear. She loved every minute of it and refused to admit that she was even cold.




happy girl


Halloween costume

When Nani was here we all went on a trip to Walmart to look at their patterns for Halloween costumes. You can never start thinking about these things too early. Lorelai picked out a Little Red Riding Hood pattern and I decided on a bear for Griffin (since I call him my Griffin Bear). Nani did SUCH a good job! They are way better than I ever imagined. Lorelai loves her cape and asks if it’s Halloween yet every day.



First Field Trip!

Lorelai’s class went on their first field trip on September 17th. We went to Creamer’s Field to collect leaves for a project they’re doing at school next week. We drove another little girl named Elizabeth and her and Lorelai were quick best friends, holding hands the whole time. Griffin went along and had a good time, stealing blueberries from another baby.

The whole class. Can you find Lorelai?

another… she’s 2nd to the end, the only one in a hat!

Close up- they were suppposed to be doing silly faces. The girl in the jean jacket is Elizabeth.
close up

Collecting leaves…

…and maybe some rocks

Thanks for looking!

First Day of School!!

Sorry it took so long to get these up!

Here are the kids eating breakfast that morning.

My mom had this tradition when I was growing up where she’d put honey on my lips on the first day of school for a “sweet year.” I hated it, so of course I’m doing it to Lorelai.


And here she is with backpack, lunchbox and Baby Googa the Baby Beluga for show and tell. She picked out her whole outfit from pigtails to shoes.

first day of school!

Putting her stuff away

stuff in cubby

Getting started on her first school project!